Psychedelia and the Psychedelic movement

The psychedelic movement started in the mid 1960’s and had an effect, that wasn’t just   on music, but also on various aspects of popular culture. This included style of dresses to language, the way people spoke, art, literature and philosophy.

The name “psychedelic” particularly refers to drugs that were popular with the youths at that time. Posters for rock concerts tried to visually express the feeling of tripping out.


below is a piece by Victor Moscoso who was born in Spain “Victor was the first of the rock poster artists of the 60’s era with formal academic training and experience. After studying art at Cooper Union in New York City and at Yale University, he moved to San Francisco in 1959. There, he attended the San Francisco Art Institute, where he eventually became an instructor”. http://www.victormoscoso.com/about.htm

this work relies on geometric shapes, lines, and color juxtapositions to create optical illusions for the viewer. i found the lines, colour and composition was very effective as it almost portrays nausea, a drowsy like feeling which appears to insinuate drugs or intoxication being the main influence.

As a result of this i experimented with like colours and pattern with an image i took for my flyer.



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